Early Winter Creek Report

It’s been a while since my last report and the water has cooled to around 50 degrees in the creek. The fish have done what they do best this time of year and that’s getting cold and slow. The fish take a few weeks to acclimate to the cold water and generally they will sit down on the bottom and slow their eating habits. This is the time I like to slow down with them so I go to my slow baits like worms and jigs. I like to crawl the worm down the drop-offs and ledges as well as working the worm on points. The best color I’ve found is a green tomato color I made. This worm is kind of special because it changes colors in the sunlight. I added some chartreuse to a watermelon color and added some red and black flakes to make a killer color for these winter bass. We’ve been using the Carolina¬†and Texas rig and dipping the worm tails in a garlic dip. That seems to be what the bigger fish are looking for. Here’s a few pictures and a couple videos from some recent worm fishing trips.



20141130143259 (2) (1)

20141130161911 (4)

20141130143259 (2)






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