Trolling on 7-12 and 7-13

I hadn’t been on the lake since last Friday and things had changed considerably for trolling. In the days that I missed, the weather had cooled along with surface temps. The surface temps dropped 5 degrees and the fish went deep with the rising barometer. They had me stumped for awhile but yesterday the 12th we finally figured out a pattern that worked. We hit em with the downriggers early and caught a couple, and then threw the leadcore at em. The key was to get the heavy stuff down to them.

I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of fellow veterans and we had a blast. Jamie and Eric Both caught fish with Alex working the deck hand duties. Here’s a little video of our trip on the 12th.

Trolling on 7-3-2012, 7-5 and 7-6

The pattern is getting stronger now for trolling. Our trips are seeing more fish per hour than in previous weeks and overall the numbers have been very good this year. There are loose schools of stripers up further north where most of the fleet of guides have been and there are a lot of singles and double lurking around bait in the thermocline over very deep water, relating to the river channel. The most prevelent baits have been the new Fire Shad Custom Troller and the big shad bodies with 1 ounce and ounce and a half shad head jigs. Here’s some videos of our recent trips:

Trolling on 7-2-2012

I got out this morning to try a couple of new jigs and try and locate some new fish to work on. I started out up north around the six mile area and worked my way south. I caught 2 smaller fish up north and then worked the Bald Ridge area, then over to the dam. I found a few fish suspended over deep water and was able to pick off a few more before finding more fish at the mouth of Shoal Creek and getting a nice fish or two. Most of the fish came off of the blue shad heads and pearl blue shad body and my new Fire Shad troller in a 1 ounce size. I ran up to 9 colors back. Here’s a couple of videos from today.