Trolling on 7-3-2012, 7-5 and 7-6

The pattern is getting stronger now for trolling. Our trips are seeing more fish per hour than in previous weeks and overall the numbers have been very good this year. There are loose schools of stripers up further north where most of the fleet of guides have been and there are a lot of singles and double lurking around bait in the thermocline over very deep water, relating to the river channel. The most prevelent baits have been the new Fire Shad Custom Troller and the big shad bodies with 1 ounce and ounce and a half shad head jigs. Here’s some videos of our recent trips:

2 thoughts on “Trolling on 7-3-2012, 7-5 and 7-6

  1. Jim, Great videos this year I need to get by your shop and pickup some new bucktails. I fished with you last year and very much appreciate you openness to share info with others. If the rain lets up today I am taking your current
    pointers to the pond this afternoon with my boys for our first leadcore trip of the season. Thanks again and keep up the good work on the videos

  2. Hope ya’ll got out there and tore em up Mark. I remember our trip last year. Just let me know if you need anything in particular ahead of time and I’ll make it up for you. Thanks!

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