Late Fall Update 10-28-2014

I’m still getting some nice fish on the surface popper but fewer and fewer small fish. Most of the fish I’m seeing on the surface in recent days have been larger bass and a few stripers scattered here and there. My strategy has been topwater and trolling crankbaits. Yesterday morning I saw a large school of stripers crashing the surface up lake and thought it won’t be long till they are moving into our creeks in large numbers. For now I’m still picking on the bass but I’ve got an eye out for stripers on the surface. Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks.








Bald Ridge Report 10-10-2014

Since my last post it’s been nothing but topwater for me. Still the same popper that I started with almost a month ago. I still haven’t changed it out. I’ve replaced about a foot of line down to the lure a few times, but it’s the same rod and reel combo and the same emerald topwater popper. Some days are better than others and it’s all surface sight fishing. It reminds me of fishing for speckled trout in the fall in the marsh. You cast your bait to where the fish surfaced and hope that he comes back for seconds. It’s worked well for me on points and humps during the days there is a little bit of breeze to put a chop on the water. Here are more pictures and a good video to give you an example of how I’m working the bait back to the boat.