Friday 15 November and Saturday 16 November

It was overcast on Saturday morning as I left the dock and headed to the mouth of the creek. It was shortly after 7 am and just as I left the Marina area I saw a small school of bass busting the surface on a point within casting distance. I made about 4 casts with my little bucktail and then moved on without incident. It was good to see some surface activity right away. As I headed for the mouth of the creek I watched pockets and the main channel for surfacing fish. I saw a few inactive loons and gulls in the channel as passes a large bay around mid creek. When I got to the mouth I pulled back to idle and started scanning the area for activity. The wind was swirling from north to northeast and then harder out of the east. To me, the east wind is a buzz kill when it comes to surface activity. There was a good chop building on the water and I wasn’t really feeling it for the area so I decided to head back into the creek and look around. As I got back to mid creek I saw the same birds and loons I had seen earlier working the water intently and I immediately saw some big splashes that were the tell tales sign of striped bass. The loons were going nuts and the gulls were squawking and diving on the surface as the stripers popped up, sometimes jumping completely out of the water chasing the bait. I spent the next hour chasing these fish, throwing artificial after artificial at them to no avail. I finally ran to the Bait Shack and picked up a few trout to try. I put the trout on planer boards and ran through the fish a few times with the trout but I believe the fish were being very bait specific and trout just wasn’t on the menu. I had to go do some work so I headed back to the house with my tail between my legs. The stripers had won this round. Here’s a short video of the surface activity.   On Saturday morning I got a late start. I followed the same course as the day before but I saw no activity at all. The surface temps were down to 59-60 degrees and the wind was light and out of the east again. I looked in the same area where the fish were earlier but there was no fish and no bait to be seen. I thought maybe the fish had moved to deeper water over night so I went into search mode, pulling trout on planer boards and free lines. I was just about to give up when I started marking fast moving stripers over deep water, just off a long flat. I followed the stripers and found that they were cruising up and down the flat feeding on threadfin in 10-20 feet of water. When the fish reached the flat they would stack up and go into feeding mode. They were not feeding on the surface and I could see that the were not coming up. I figured a downlined bait would work fine so I went and got Lisa and we returned to the flat to see if we could catch one. I put out 2 downlines with 6-8 inch trout on them and we started slow trolling the flat. Every time we would go over a group of stripers, one would pick up the trout and run with it but rarely would they take it all the way down. The weather was building and the rain was starting to come down so we knew our time was limited. Finally we got a striper to take a trout and we got hooked up before calling it a day. Here’s a video of Lisa’s fish. 

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