Trolling Lanier on 9-5-2012

I’ve been winding down my trolling trips and doing a lot of work in the shop lately. I got out yesterday with Levi and Eric. Both guys help me around the shop and it was Eric’s Birthday so we took the afternoon off and hit the lake to see if we could get Eric a nice striper for his birthday. The water temps are starting to drop from all the cloud cover and shorted days. We saw plenty of fish both deep and shallow from 6 mile to the dam. We saw groups of smaller stripers up in shallower 35-40 ft water. We targeted a couple different shallower groups and we were able to get some smaller stripers by running the leadcore at 6-7 colors. We found some bigger fish on the south end and that’s where Eric’s biggest fish came from. It was a typical September pattern for trolling with lots of grouped up fish but not many takers on the leadcore. We didn’t have bait but I’m pretty sure we could have doubled the numbers with bait. It was a nice afternoon for trolling and I saw plenty of striper boats out and about. With a cool front on it’s way giving us cooler nights, I think the water may dip into the 70’s very soon. When that happens, I think we’ll see a little more topwater action both early and late in the day. Right now is a great time to get these Lanier stripers as soon well see the turnover and most of these fish will vanish for a period of time. There are a couple of fishing stories on my blog from fall and early winter that may help with the upcoming striper fishing season. Here’s a few pictures from yesterdays fishing.

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