The new “Downrigger Cam”

Guys, I’ve always wondered about those stripers that run up from the depths to look at the downrigger weights. I seen fish on my graph run up from well below the downrigger weight, sometime more than 100 feet, just to look at it and go right back down. I thought it might be cool to try and video this as well as hook up with a fish during one of those times when the fish are feeding on a school of bait and there is a lot of action with a good sized school of fish. I have also run the weight through huge schools of bluebacks and shad and I’m anxious to see if I can video that. That’s why I created the Downrigger Cam. My wife gave me a GoPro Hero for Xmas so if I loose this baby in the trees there will be trouble at the Cast Away household. Stay tuned next week for more info and hopefully some good videos with the camera. Here are a couple on the design and low drag testing at the Cast Away Testing facility.


6 thoughts on “The new “Downrigger Cam”

  1. Jim,
    How has this idea worked out been checking the blog every couple of days waiting to see a real time video at 30′ deep.

  2. Mark, it was uneventful. Visability at 30 feet was about 5-8 ft. It made it very hard to make out anything other than the occasional passing bait. The camera mount causes the downrigger weight to yaw to one side so the camera angle was messed up also. I’m still reviewing the video but so far I haven’t found anything note worthy. I will put together some of the footage with sound. I’m convinced the sound is what the stripers are reacting to.

  3. You still trolling from East Bank park/dam area up to Young Deer and Six Mile – thinking about hitting the water tomorrow and any input would be great – not much getting posted by anyone else other than the afternoon downline bite is still good

    • Mark, I haven’t been out since my last video. I’ve been busy here in the shop and doing a little traveling with Lisa in between. Last time I was out we found fish in the 6 mile area and also found fish on the south end. Most of the fish I have found lately have been scattered over the trees in 40-50 of water. You really have to think deep with the leadcore.

    • I hear ya Mark. There are still plenty of fish to catch on the trolling bite. I got a call last night from a friend who is doing well trolling. He was out on Monday and caught a few trolling up north past 6 mile.

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