Tackle Feedback

I’d like to hear a little feedback about your Cast Away Tackle. Please let me know how it’s working, fish catches, likes and dislikes. I’m always open to new suggestions and making a better product so let me know how it’s working for ya.

8 thoughts on “Tackle Feedback

  1. Just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the quality of castaway tackle. All of the products that I have used look amazing and consistently catch fish. It has been a pleaure dealing with Jim and I will recommend castaway baits to all!

    Duane Davis
    Loganville, GA

  2. Jim’s boards ride high, straight, and strong. No commercially produced boards that i have used work even half as well. When you look at the cost of the boards, they are probably the best value of anything i have on the boat.

  3. Jim’s boards are extremely well made with high quality parts. I have made my own planeboards and he has built his to perform and run straight without having to add un-necessary parts that I had to add to get my boards to track and pull baits correctly with larger baits and under windy conditions. Fish them you will like them.

  4. I am a member of TSBA but missed your presentation. I am interested in the purchase of some of your products, U-rigs and such. I did not see ordering information on the web site. Can you do mail orders? Regards, Cap’t Chet

  5. Jim, Just bought my first set of your planner boards w/flash. Purchased at Hammonds. Asked Ms. Hammond about replacement front clips (Weldons) for the future. She is going to check. They worked great on Sunday 4/03/11. They track better,easier and seem to have a smaller wake than others. My crew likes the ease of use with the easy-on rear swivel and the larger clip for line in front.
    Capt. Dave Bush and crew fishing aboard the “Lady Rose”.

    • Good to hear Capt. Dave! Enjoy the boards. They should last you a long time. If Candy has any trouble getting you those clamps, just let me know and I’ll send you some extras. I’ve always got them in the shop.
      Thank for the feedback Capt.!

  6. I recently placed an order of bucktails and swimbacks from Castaway…and after a little guidance from Jim I have been nailing the stripers on leadcore down on the south part of the lake. I caught my largest fish on Monday, 23lbs, on Chartruese 2 oz. bucktail with a big 6 inch swimback.Thanks to Jim and Castaway Baits for the great tackle and willingness to give some tips on how to use it. I am going to be going out with Jim on a ridealong this week and I am really looking forward to learning from a pro. Thanks again

    Dave Oslen

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