A Lesson in Procrastination

A few weeks back I wrote about a lesson in Complacency, so not to be outdone, I was treated to another lesson this week, a lesson in procrastination. If there’s one thing I’m guilty of, it’s procrastination. One would think that after 62 years of life I would have procrastination in check, but it seems to be deep rooted with me. Kinda hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit.

At 0637 on the morning of my 62nd birthday our smoke detector in our master bedroom started beeping. Not just any beep but that loud obnoxious beep that sent our little dog Chigger into zombie mode. Chigger is deaf but I guess his hearing is still good enough to hear that loud beep. He started trying to hide like he does when it storms. The smoke detector is mounted on the ceiling and the vaulted ceiling in our master bedroom is about 22+ feet high. We always dreaded the day it would happen, but we weren’t proactive enough to change the battery before it died. It was mostly because we didn’t have a ladder high enough to reach it, so we just let it go after changing the other 14 smoke detector batteries in the house over the course of the last 3 years. I should probably go ahead and take the blame for this one because I knew one day it would start beeping and I never came up with a plan to change the battery before it did. That explains the picture of the ladder price tag above. There’s more to the story but let’s just get on with the fishing and chalk it up to another lesson in procrastination.

This week Lisa took a few days off and we worked down in the main cave to finish up the game room entrance. We finally installed our cypress columns and trimmed it out so now we’re on to the bar area remodel.

We didn’t really fish until Tuesday, and we only got out for a few hours. I’ve been on this spoon kick lately, so I was mainly slinging the big 5-inch pearl Georgia Blade spoon. Lisa caught a few on the drop shot and I caught a few on the spoon on Tuesday midday. The fish below was my biggest on the spoon Tuesday and Lisa with her biggest on the drop shot.

Back out for a bit on Wednesday and Thursday with the spoon, spybait and drop shot but no big fish, just a few smaller fish here and there. Mainly the size below and smaller.

Today I picked up my neighbor David and his grandson Will for a morning trip. It started out slow, but we managed to grind out a few on a pretty tough morning. The spoon and drop shot were slow plus the spybait wasn’t really getting much attention, so we pulled out the shaky heads and hit some deeper docks. Will caught the fish of the day on a shaky head along the side of a dock and then followed up with another one a bit smaller. David and I got in the action also and we both caught a couple nice fish off the docks before heading in at lunch. After I dropped off David and Will I hit one more point with the spoon and caught the big catfish to end my week. I thought for sure I had that monster bass on for a minute.

These two rigs pictured below accounted for about 80% of my fish this week with the rest coming from drop shot and shaky heads.

Water temps are hanging around the mid to upper 80’s and the corps is generating a few hours in the afternoon/evening. Lake level is almost 2 feet below full pool. I’m ready for fall.

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