The Ole Ten Second Rule

I still do it when I drop something on the floor; the ole 5 second rule comes into effect and I blow the dirt off whatever it was that hit the floor and eat it, more than likely if nobody is looking. The bass have their own cruel version of the 5 second rule, only it’s around 10 seconds and they use this rule every so often to mess with me.

Every once in a while, when I get these bass figured out and I’m sitting on a fastball, that’s when they throw the old curve ball….or slider…or change up or something besides the fast ball. It’s like these bass are messing with the old geriatric fisherman on purpose, playing with my fleeting memory and laughing at me, looking up through the gin clear water. Early this week I had them figured out and I was on top of their game. It was cruising fish on the deep flats in pockets early in the morning and then it was the rocks and docks in the afternoon. They were taking the bait with this pattern on Monday and Tuesday. My baits of choice on Monday and Tuesday were the Damiki early on the 30-40-foot-deep flats and then moving on to the rocks and docks with the green pumpkin shaky head in the afternoon. I looked for the sunny, rocky areas that had wind blowing into it. As far as worm color goes, pick one. If these bass are hungry, they’re going to eat, and I found that the color green pumpkin is just about as good as any of them when it comes to hungry bass and worms. You can get creative with the sizes and shapes too, it’s hard to say what will trigger these bass. Since I’ve surrendered most of my time to the shaky head pattern here lately, I’ve had to evolve a bit because I feel like the fish are evolving along with the pattern.

Generally, when I cast the shaky head, I control the decent of the worm, whether it is a dead weight freefall or falling at an angle because I have taken up all the slack in my line. This is something I have to think about because now I know that the fish are thinking about it too. It took me about 4 fish on Thursday to figure it out but I noticed that every time I made a cast and fed out a bunch of slack so the worm would freefall vertically. If I waited long enough, around 10 seconds after the worm settled on the bottom, when I took up the slack it was like magic, and a fish would be swimming away with the worm. My second clue was while I was running a stretch of deep docks, I saw 3 bass suspended underneath my boat, so I dropped my shaky head straight down through them and they all chased it down. I watched it all unfold on my 2D graph. As soon as the worm hit the bottom all 3 bass just stopped dead in their tracks and just stared at it. I fought off my natural instincts to “jiggle-jiggle it” and I just gave them the old razzle-dazzle dead stick to counter their 10 second rule. Little did these bass know old Jim was an expert at countermeasures and countermeasures was a very important defense system when fighting the bad guys back in the day. Sometimes the best plan is to let them make the first move, so I just let the worm soak till they either hit it or moved on. Just like clockwork at around 10 seconds I felt the old familiar tap and I set the hook on a fish some 35 feet under the boat. And so it was to be, the old 10 second rule was in effect. I remember this rule from past experiences with these bass, but I had forgotten that they sometimes use this rule to mess with me. Whether it was rocks or docks, these fish wanted that bait completely still for at least 10 seconds after it hit the bottom. If you gave it the old jiggle-jiggle they were gone.

Yesterday I got my revenge and I set out in the creek, through all the boat traffic to get some redemption and I was able to get a few good ones by using the old 10 second rule to my advantage before heading back to the house for a dinner menu consisting of crawfish gumbo, homemade potato salad and gator bites.

This week we also had windows installed for our screened in porch. These are made of a thick flexible plastic and the windows slide open and closed and are pretty durable. If anyone is interested in having there screened areas enclosed send me a message and I’ll give you their contact info. I ncluded a couple pictures below.

I also made a dozen of my favorite early spring jerkbaits this week and I’ll be sending ten of the 110+1’s to Lanier Baits next week. I included a couple pictures of the jerkbaits below.

I’m also finishing up around 20 custom spybaits for the guys at Fish North Georgia and they should be ready next week also. Most are my emerald color but there are a couple other favorite patterns of mine included.

Water temps are around the mid 50’s right now and the corps is generating off and on. Lake level is just above full pool. Here is a link to the corps generation schedule if you don’t have it.

I’m doing my pictures a little different starting this week. It’s mainly just random photos from my week.

This week in pictures:

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