It’s Like Watching Paint Dry

When I started this week, I was full of energy and ready to get it going, but now I feel like the lake handed it to me this week. I had to work for every bite and pull out all the stops including heading to the northern reaches of Young Deer Creek for my bites.

On Monday the bites were few and far between and my time on the water was very fragmented. I fished for a couple hours in the morning and the same amount of time in the late afternoon. In the morning I was mainly throwing the shaky head for my bites in the creek. This time of year I’m kinda partial to the shaky head and I have a lot of confidence in it, especially around the docks in the back half of the creek. There are a lot of docks in the creek that offer a variety of options, from sunny and shallow to rocky, dark and deep. Pick your poison. On Monday my poison was the rocky docks with the shaky head, and I had to fish them slow. It was like watching paint dry to get the bites. Here’s some pictures and videos from my time on the water Monday.

Tuesday was a slow day, and I just caught a few little fish in the small amount of time I fished, but Wednesday I decided to visit Young Deer Creek and hit some of my rocky dock stuff over there. It was like night and day, between Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday the fish were on the shaky head like a rat on a Cheeto. It seemed like there were fish at every place i thought there would be fish and I had a blast on a warmer sunny day. I started the morning with a quick limit in Bald Ridge and then headed north for a bigger limit. Here’s some pictures and a video from my day on Wednesday.

Thursday was another wash for me, and I didn’t get much time on the water, but I was back out this morning after receiving some new baits from my friend Kevin Badgett and KBDBaits. Kevin asked if I minded if he made some soft baits in my emerald color from the Emerald Popper. I was more than happy to see the baits and he sent me a few to try. Today I only used his trick worm and a little drop shot finesse bait in what he calls “Farmer’s Emerald” color. They worked well and I had a blast using them today. I’m not sure if Kevin is going to put these baits on his site but I think they would be a great addition. They worked great for me today and here’s a few pictures and a video from my day today.

I hadn’t made a video on “On the Cast Away Deck” in a while so I thought I would cover a few baits that I’ve been using for the past week or two. The biggest advice I can give this week is to slow it down and be patient. The fish are there but they are slow to eat and not very aggressive right now. They are in chill mode for the most part and this is a time that a lot of fish take a little break before the pre-spawn staging around the full moon and beyond next month. The lakes a little below full pool, the corps is moving water a few times a day and the lake temps are around 49-50 degrees.

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