Black Shoals in the Wind

I did a little something different today and went out to a new lake called Black Shoals, down south outside of Loganville. A friend had just built a house on the lake and invited me out to check out the house and jump in his Pond Prowler for a little fishing plus a little of my insight on fishing the lake. He is just starting out fishing the lake and also fishing in general so we set out today in the windy white caps cutting across the lake in the Pond Prowler…

It was absolute post front conditions today and the wind was getting it coming across the lake at 8am. It was already starting to white cap and off we went from my buddy Cary’s shoreline in his pond prowler. He was looking for suggestions and my first one was to get up wind so if /when the little trolling motor died at least we would be up wind for the occasion. The first thing I wanted to check out was a few windy points but with 2 grown men in a pond prowler in the wind it’s a task so we settled a couple of creeks and pockets out of the wind. I started out throwing a whopper plopper while Cary threw a spinnerbait but I pretty much knew what the bait was going to be already, I was just going through the motions to show Cary the topwater stuff. After about an hour of throwing the power stuff we headed for a calmer cove or creek and put on the old faithful shaky head and found the pattern. There is a lot of submerged grass and timber lining the shore on the lake and I found the fish mainly hanging on the edge of the grass. Once we figured that out we caught some very nice fish for Cary and his wife who is from Peru and loves to eat fish, qs well as Cary. When I say she loves fish, I mean she loves to eat the whole fish, like eyeballs and all so they keep everything which is fine with me.

I was able to show Cary how to rig the shaky head rod and it didn’t take long till he caught his personal best bass 5lber (pictured above). He was pretty stoked and the bass put up a valiant fight. We caught 7 nice keepers in about 3 hours of fishing and a couple smaller bass which went back, all on a pretty simple 1/4 ounce green pumpkin finesse shaky head. I didn’t get to check out much because of the conditions but I’m sure I’ll visit again before long and maybe get a chance to cover more of the lake. Since the wind was out of the north and we were on the south end of the lake we didn’t make it up to the northern part of the creek but since Cary now lives on the lake I’ll be fishing it more over the coming months. Fun morning of fishing!

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