Welcome to October!

Finally! It’s the month I’ve been waiting for all year. It’s by far my favorite month of the year and for good reason; baseball is winding down and it’s time for the play-offs, college and NFL football gets going, my annual fantasy team starts tanking and topwater on Lake Lanier is in full swing.

Right now I’m in a place where fishing has become hyper focused for me so there’s not much of a report this week. I have a tournament tomorrow and I know exactly what I have to do to catch a fish but as it turns out, it’s totally up to the fish as to whether it’s going to be a magnum or it’s goin g to be a 14 inch fish. They are all mixed together in the brush and trying to increase the odds of a good fish verses a dink is where the proper bait comes in. –

In the past I have related my experiences from fishing to my experiences while hunting. When site fishing you need to lead your target much like shooting a bird in flight but before this occurs you must be able to lure your target to within range. Duck hunters know what I’m talking about when I say that one of the most satisfying feelings in duck hunting is the moment the ducks fold their wings to drop down on your decoy spread because that’s the moment you realized they bought your call, hook, line and sinker. It’s the same with fishing over brush; the idea is to lure the fish out of the brush and to your bait so the better call you have, the more success you’re going to have. It’s like creating and ringing a dinner bell for the fish and they start moving around looking for dinner. Really, it’s not completely necessary to just target the brush as the fish may already be in a feeding mode and moving around nearby brush on a point or a hump. This time of year they tend to cruise around looking for bluebacks on or near the surface and the brush is where they make their home. It’s that simple…..

Bottom line is that these fish are looking for a meal on or near the surface and the better you can call these fish up, the more success you’re going to have with topwater. Whether it’s the Emerald Popper, a whopper plopper, a walking bait, a gunfish or a big OG, for the next few weeks it’s all topwater for me so there isn’t a whole bunch to report and the videos I made this week are all location sensitive so they won’t be published. Water temps are in the upper 70’s and the lake is around full pool. Corps is still moving water in the afternoons during high power usage. Here’s a few memorable pics from the week.

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