Can You Feel It?

This is that week in September when we start to see the first signs of Autumn with the entrance of a mild but dryer cool front. When I woke up this morning the temperature was down in the upper 50’s and I actually thought about something a little warmer to wear this morning when I hit the lake shortly after dawn. This week we had some warmer more humid days early in the week but by weeks end we are experiencing a touch of early Autumn with lows in the 50’s and highs in the low 80’s. Don’t get me wrong, I know we are in store for more hot days over the next few weeks but the last 2 days are just a reminder that fall is on the way.

A few weeks ago I ordered a few new baits from Cast Company called the “OG”. It’s been all the rage here lately on the lake and I’ve been seeing some very nice fish being caught on it. The problem is that a few weeks ago I cleaned the man cave and I misplaced my OG until this past weekend when I found it and decided to give it a whirl this week. It’s a bigger bait and I was throwing it on my baitcaster mounted on a 7 foot rod with some heavier flouro. One of the best parts about throwing a big bait like the OG is that I can cast it a mile and the bottom line is that the more time your bait is in the water, the better chance you have of catching a fish.

Tuesday morning I worked in the shop but in the afternoon I lit out for the main lake with the OG. No kidding, on my first stop with the bait, I was slinging it out in the wind off a reef marker and after a few casts, BAAAMMM!! one of my biggest fish of the year smoked the OG on the surface and it looked like an absolute “TRAIN WRECK” when she hit it. I knew it was a big fish right away and I enjoyed every moment of bringing the fish to the boat. Here’s a pic of my first fish on the Cast Co. 40gm OG“.

That was all the convincing I needed and from that point on this week it’s been on the deck and if I can find some wind I’ve been throwing the OG. This week the only two rods I’ve had on the deck is the OG and the popper. It’s all been topwater this week and I’m having fun learning about my new bait. I’ll give an expanded report on the OG next week when I get a full week with it and I also get to try the other two colors that are coming in the mail on Monday. Stay tuned for more on the OG. The water temps are cooling and as I write this the temps were around 83-84 degrees. The lake level is a little less than a foot above full pool and the corps is moving water in the afternoon. Below is a little bit of video I made this week catching a couple of nice stripers on the OG and some memorable fish from the week.

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