Cast Away Record Broken

I’ve had a little contest going for a few years and anyone who could break my record of 46lbs on one of my planer boards would win a 6 set pack of my flasher boards. I wanted proof positive before the winner would receive the 6 sets.

I thought I was off the hook with these guys because they couldn’t remember what size fish came off planer boards and which fish came from bobbers. That all changed when Capt. Jay made this video appear out of nowhere. I talked with Roy last night and congratulated him and his crew.

The cool part about the story is that Roy, the guy who caught the fish is going to share his winnings with their striper club up in Tn. and they are going to raffle the remaining sets.

This was the record on my planer boards. The second picture is my buddy John who tied the record a few years back when we made a spring trip to Tennessee:

Johns 46

Here is the new record holder, Roy Hawk from the Tennessee Striped Bass Assoc. Congrats Roy!!!:

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