Bald Ridge, Thompson and Lathem Creek Report 5-19 through 5-22

I’ve fished for the last 4 days, either in the morning or the evening and fished Bald Ridge for 3 days and went up the Tee and fished a couple of creeks up there. Water temps are moving through the mid to upper 70’s and I’m starting to see bigger groups of bass here and there. I haven’t seen much topwater yet and most of the bass we’ve been catching are relating to shore and bottom. We did pick off some suspended fish early this week trolling deep diving cranks through feeding fish in over 70 feet of water. Those fish were more than happy to hit a chartreuse colored crankbait. When we’ve been shoreline fishing we have picked up plenty of fish using the Zebra Shad pattern with crankbaits and jerkbaits. I’ve had very good luck for the past few days on a medium diving crankbait, working the bottom. Lisa has been using a little zebra square bill shallow diving crank and doing very well. I’ve been picking up fewer, but bigger fish on the zebra jerkbait. Last night Mercer and I went up to Thompson and Lathem and we found some decent fish with me using a medium diving zebra crank and Mercer caught the biggest fish on a Carolina rigged worm. The best bite has been from about 7pm till dark in the evening and 9am till lunch seems to be the best times for me in the morning. We’ve caught good numbers of fish over the past 4 days but you really have to deal with the dinks to get to the occasional bigger fish. Seems like the ratio has been 6-10 dinks before getting a good fish to bite. The bite is still semi shallow, but I can tell the fish are slowly moving out to deeper waters. We’re very close to topwater and dropshotting time. Here is a picture of the crankbaits Lisa and I have been using to catch the majority of our bass.


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