Bald Ridge Bass Report Easter Sunday

It’s been a while since I’ve been out in the creek but I got to go out this afternoon for a few hours. Water temps were around 58-60 and the boat traffic was crazy. There was a constant barrage of waves so we mainly concentrated on pockets off the main creek channel. I think all the boat traffic pushed the fish and bait back into the pockets and we were able to catch 11 spots. Eight of the spots were dinks and not really photo worthy but we had 3 that made a photo op. We trolled 2 crankbaits today, mainly concentrating on keeping the crankbaits just off the bottom. The crankbaits we were using were running at 21-23 feet at 2-2.5 mph. If you can keeps the crankbaits running just off the bottom, occasional scraping flat bottom you’ll find a few bass. The biggest trick is keeping the cranks out of the structure, but there are bass roaming flat bottoms where bait is present. Seven fish came off of my Sand Key Shad Pattern and the others got hooked up on my Lanier Blueback pattern. Here’s the fish that made the photo op.
You can click on the pics to enlarge them.





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