Bald Ridge Report 3-1 through 3-11

The creek is clearing up and the fish are starting to heat up also. We’ve been concentrating most of our efforts to bass fishing of late because I’ve trailered the big striper boat back to the boat garage for maintenance and to prepare it for the summer striper trolling season that will kick off in a few more months. Right now we’re plinking away at bass with smaller tackle in shallow waters as the bass enjoy the warmer shoreline temperatures and start relating to shallower structure in lieu of the upcoming spawn. We have been using our new little Bed Bugs with 1/8 and 1/16 ounce egg heads and also our little 1/4 ounce Ultra-Spin with a 3.75 inch Twitch bait in a pearl white, blue iridescent pearl or chartreuse over white has worked the best. Here’s a few pics and video from the past few trips out.





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