Cast Away Flash Boards

Several years ago when I first started making planer boards, I made a few sets with a mirrored finish. We called them flash boards because they created a flash while pulling them in the sunlight. On a trip up the Tugaloo River over on lake Hartwell in April we were using the Flash Boards pulling live bait during a club tournament. We got into a school of stripers and we started noticing that our flash boards had stripers swimming with them as we pulled them along. We knew that the boards were flashing in the early morning sunlight and the stripers were very curious as to what was flashing in the water. We caught several stripers on the boards that morning and we won the tournament. Those boards were a definite help to us that morning and I believe the flash created by the boards was a great attractant for those river stripers. We decided to bring back the Flash Board design this year for our 5th anniversary at a great price.


The Boards are now in yellow only. We have discontinued the blue colored boards.



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