Solo Striper Trip 12-17-2013

I got out for a couple hours before lunch and then hit it again for a couple hours before dark. I picked off a good teenage striper right after getting a spread out around 10 am. The fish hit my biggest trout which was on a freeline with a balloon tied just above the swivel for the leader. The striper was in the same area that we had caught fish a few days earlier. It was my only fish before lunch. After lunch I decided to look around a bit and see if I could find more stripers in a different location but on the same pattern. I found some stripers in a choke down area suspended over the deeper part of the channel and I caught 3 more nice stripers over the course of the afternoon. I gave it up around 5 pm and left them biting.

The stripers I found today were out in the wind over deep water. Most were suspended and the only thing that worked was trout on a balloon about 150 feet behind the boat. Here’s a video from today.

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