Fishing on 12-13-2013

My neighbor and I got out this afternoon, looking for stripers. We picked up a few trout at the marina and started searching. We didn’t find anything where I had left them biting 2 weeks ago and the water had cooled another 4 degrees. I couldn’t find any surface activity, not even the occasional bass chasing bait on the surface. The lake was like glass and the gulls were just floating around on the water. The surface temps were 53-54 degrees and the lake was about a foot above full pool. The only fish we could find was over deeper water and bunched up and not moving. We had put out a spread of 2 planer boards with medium sized trout about 50-100 feet behind the boards. We also ran our biggest trout on a freeline 150 feet directly behind the boat. Our 2 smallest trout went on downlines. As the planers passed over the fish we marked the left planer board took off and my neighbor David brought in a nice teenage striper. We had another nice striper chase our freelined trout around for a while, but the striper couldn’t catch the trout and he finally gave up. We fished from 1pm till 4pm and caught 1 nice striper; not a bad way to finish off the work week. Here’s a pic:


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