Trolling with Alex 6-26-2012

Late last summer I took Alex out on a trolling trip and it was one of those slow days. I promised Alex we’d get out again on my nickel, so today was the day. We caught fish from about 8 am till a little after lunch. I think we ended up with 8-10 nice stripers and 11 nice spots. We started out with 1 ounce Custom Trollers on leadcore and caught a couple of nice fish then we switched over to my 1 and a half and two ounce big shad head swimbaits when the sun got higher and caught most of our fish. I was using a couple of new colors today that made the difference in the shad head trollers. I used a hand poured pearl with blue highlighted swimbait and a blue pearl colored swimbait. They were loving them colors. Needless to say, we had a blast. Thanks for the company Alex! Here’s a video of some of the action.

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