Trolling report from 7-29-2011

I got out with Glenn who contacted me about riding along for a leadcore and downrigger instructional trip out. I needed to test some tackle and invited him to climb aboard. The day started slow but we were able to find a few fish here and there. We marked a lot of fish eating bait over deeper water from Bald Ridge to Six Mile. We were able to find our fish in the same places I’ve been finding them for the past two weeks. This time they were a little reluctant to hit the jigs. We finally got a call from a buddy I made some big swimbait for and he said they had caught 2 on the big 7 inch swim bait. Glenn and I tied on a 2 ounce Shad Head jig and 7 inch swim Bait body in a Blueback pattern and we had a fish within minutes of dropping the bait back. We also caught 2 nice fish on a chartreuse color. We caught 2 fish on the downriggers, one on a 1 and a half ounce Monster Bucktail in a Cast Away Blueback pattern. The fish we were marking were very very deep which made it tough to troll them up. We were letting out 9 colors of leadcore with a 2 ounce jig in the river channel. That was the ticket to get the bait deep enough.
Here’s a little video of the trip.

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