Trolling report from 7-22-2011

I got out with Bruce B aka B-Bro from one of our local fishing forums. Bruce had contacted me about learning more about summer trolling on Lanier. I have been doing some tackle testing on Fridays and ask Bruce if he would like to ride along. Bruce agreed so we hit the water Friday morning at 9 or so. The bite was slow as the fish we marked were scattered and inside the trees. We managed a couple of stripers early and then we had to search for a while to find more active fish. We finally found fish coming out of the trees to feed and we worked the area for the next hour picking up 5 more stripers. Most of the fish came off the Cast Away blueback pattern. The color pattern that has worked well is a pattern I came up with early this spring. It’s a tri-colored pattern with a blend of silver, blue and white. It’s been a great color pattern on various jigs I’ve made. I’ve also been doing well with the Chartreuese pattern. My Cast Away chartreuese pattern is a mix of a special chartreuese color combination with holographic dust in thew finish. The color stands out in the water very well. Here’s a video of our trip out last Friday

I just got an e-mail from a good friend Brandon with a nice 16 lber caught on a 2 ounce Shad Head with a big shad body. Here’s a pic of the troller and the fish:

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