Friday 11-19 Trip

Got out this morning with Mike D from the Oakwood club. I met Mike a few weeks back when he bought some tackle, and I found out he’s an old retired Navy guy like me. I invited Mike to go out and check a few of my early winter holes. It’s still a little early but we managed a few fish. We got over a nice school and I hooked up on a downline and he broke me off. When we got over the school with the planer boards Mike brought one in off of a large trout on a planer board. We left that hole after a while and ran north to pulled a long flat. I thought maybe we could get one decent fish off the flat and darned if Mike didn’t catch another one on another big trout on a planer board. It was a good morning on the water. We just fished a few creeks from Browns Bridge to Gainesville Creek. All in all it was a slow morning but nice to get out after making tackle for the past 2 weeks. Here’s a picture of one of Mikes fish.

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