Our West Point trip

My Dad and I just got back from our annual trip to West Point. We had a really good time and caught plenty of fish. We stayed at the Highland Marina floating cabin and the accommodations were great as usual. Bait netting was no problem with the Hydro-glow at the cabin and in the back of the creek at Highland. We netted alot of gizzards and threadfins with some very large hybrid threadfins mixed in. I hadn’t netted any hybrid threads in 3-4 years but we got a bunch on this trip.

Yesterday was pretty slow and we only caught around 8 fish between the morning and afternoon. The lake was down about 4 feet and they didn’t generate yesterday. I really wanted to get my dad on some numbers so I used a technique with the netted bait that we used last year that worked out great. We found some large schools of gizzards in the back of Highland in 2 feet of water. We filled the net with gizzards with one throw and filled 2 five gallon buckets with 3-4 inch gizzards in water and put 6-8 dozen in the bait tank. We headed to the large flat we planned to fish and with the wind blowing into the flat, we released the gizzards in the buckets across the mouth of the flat and let the wind push the released gizzards across the flat.  We waited about 30 minutes and it was on. We guessed we caught 30-40 stripers this morning on the flat. Most of the fish we caught were on downlines on the bottom in 25 feet of water. Most of the fish were between 3-6 pounds with the biggest striper around 10 pounds and a hybrid that was very close to 8. After the morning my dad was pretty much wore out so we grabbed some lunch and headed back home. My dad doesn’t have to many fishing trips left at 71 and smoking like a chimney so it’s really great to get him out and put him on a few fish.

One thought on “Our West Point trip

  1. It sure was a great fishing trip weather was great the first day I was afraid the trip might be a wash. But the second you came out with a whole new game plan and man did we show those fish. For next year I am going to come up with a plan of my own and believe me I won’t be so easy to beat. So anyone reading this take some time out of your life and take a son or daughter fishing, their is nothing like it and you will be giving them something to remember the rest of their lives

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