Trolling on 6-20-2012

Well, a lot has changed since my last outing during the Atlanta Falcons Wounded Warrior event. The fish continue to move further and further towards the main lake and the confines of deeper water. I found suspended fish this morning and also fish that were relating to shallow water with deep water near by. The fish that I was on today fed mainly on small pods of threadfin in 20-40 feet of water and suspended at the same depth over deeper water. I saw many schools of blubacks on the south end, but very few fish around the schools. I concentrated my efforts to creek channel pointsnear the mouth of the creek. The bigger fish were caught on a 1 ounce Blueback Troller with a blue and whate 4 inch paddletail. Chartruese and white jigs also produced fish this morning. Here’s a video of the Tackle and the fishing action.

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