Summer Trolling

Guys, it’s that time of year again. Usually around June 1st, I start checking around the south end of the lake for bait schools and stripers that are starting to relate to the deeper more oxygen rich waters of the summer thermocline. This is when a trolling pattern sets up and artificials are a great way to catch stripers during the hot summer months. Fishing with live bait in the summer can be a hassle. It’s hot, it’s a pain to try and keep your bait fresh and downlining bait for stripers in the summer can be just plain miserable. There’s another tactic you can use that keeps you moving and the best part is that you can drive right by the bait store without stopping for bait. A good way to learn more about summertime trolling on Lanier and our surrounding striper lakes is to check out my videos on my You Tube Page and look for the videos dated through the summer months.

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